Scratch is the world's first Advanced Custom Fields-ready WordPress theme. It's not so much a theme as a springboard for building your own fully custom WordPress themes.

Scratch starts with the HTML5 Boilerplate. Then, we add our custom SCSS and JS frameworks. After that, our custom Gruntfile and gulpfile. Finally, we add our bare-bones template files and scratch.php, a very small file that packs a punch.

Can I use Scratch outside of WordPress?

Sure! Simply strip out all of the PHP and work from the index.html file.


Forked from HTML5 Boilerplate

Enjoy all of the benefits of the best mobile-first framework out there. Plus, we regularly pull H5BP updates down to Scratch, so you never have to worry about Scratch falling behind.

New to HTML5 Boilerplate? Read the docs here.

Completely ACF-ready!

Scratch is the only WordPress theme out there that is locked & loaded for Advanced Custom Fields. Enjoy:

  • Enqueueing of scripts and styles for ACF Google Maps field
  • Declaration of Header, Sidebar, and Footer Options pages
  • Inclusion of acf-json/ directory with index.php
  • Layouts field group & page template
  • Front end styles for acf_form()

CSS on Steroids

Scratch is built on SCSS, the popular CSS preprocessor. Our SCSS framework includes:

Only the Best JS

The JavaScript we include is "the best" because it fits in with the WordPress philosophy – flexible, extendable, and customizable. Quickly research the following tools and you'll find that they are extremely valuable.

Custom Automated Workflow

Too many plugins? Site running slow? With Scratch, you serve one stylesheet and one script file.

Cross-browser compatibility issues? With Scratch, you can write CSS according to the W3 spec and vendor prefixes are automatically added.

The List (of WordPress plugins)

Once you activate Scratch, you'll be asked to install & activate a few plugins. Install all, any, or none of them with a few clicks.

This list may change, but for now, Scratch recommends:

Clean, minimal PHP

Jump in to your template files and find everything you need, and nothing you don't.

Improve the functionality of WordPress with Scratch. Get acquainted with Layout Functions, the cherry on top of WordPress as a CMS + a CSS grid. Other goodies:

  • Hide the WordPress admin toolbar from the front-end
  • The Bones "head cleanup" function

Like what you see?

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